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Friday, May 7, 2010

Where We Are

While I'd love to bring you a meaningful, heartfelt post about how much we are longing for our daughter and what God is doing in our lives (and we are, and He is doing much), I am just too busy running around with these critters. And I mean RUNNING! Micah David is super fast and almost 2. I can barely keep up at this point. It's a crazy life that I LOVE living.

This journey will certainly be a LONG one for our family. So was the last. In light of that, I thought I would give everyone an idea of where we are in the process.

We are almost done with our paperwork and have submitted for our I-171H document from immigration. There's a long formal name for this but basically its the piece of paper stating "Yes, you can bring a child you barely know into a country she doesn't know and raise her. Have FUN!"

Once we have this document, we'll be able to complete our dossier and send it to Ethiopia.

THEN, the fun of FUNdraising begins. We have grants we are applying for, a garage sale on the calendar, and a huge bash planned.

Stay Tuned!